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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day - #Cat2VetDay

August 22nd is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, and the perfect opportunity to schedule your cat’s routine check-up. Here are some brochures, flyers, and infographics to help you prepare for the veterinary visits and ways to help reduce the stress for you and your cat. 

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Annual check-ups are vital – reduce stress of the visit

Don't Postpone Cat Carriers 
5 Reasons Postponing Your
Cat's Check-Up Does Not Pay Off

Your Cat's Check-Up 
Preparation Checklist 

Cat Carriers: 8 Key Factors 
Reduce Stress

5 Tips to Reduce Stress
of Vet Visits For Your Cat
Vet Visits Don't
Have to Be Stressful
 5 Benefits of Routine
Vet Visits For Your Cat  
Getting Your Cat to the
 to the Veterinarian
    5 Reasons Routine Vet
     Visits Are a Vital Part of      
Your Cat's Health 
Turn Your Cat Carrier
Into a "Home Away
From Home"

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