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Cat Friendly Recognition Programs – Practice and Individual

Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) Program

Gain support and the resources needed to deliver elevated care with this educational recognition program created by experienced feline practitioners. Learn the adaptations needed in order to provide a better experience for cats, their caregivers, and your team.

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Practice-Based Recognition
FREE recognition program for practices following the 125-point Cat Friendly checklist. Enhance your practice and award your team with the CFP designation.

Cat Friendly Certificate Program 

Enhance your standards as an individual with this Certificate Program built on the philosophy of the Cat Friendly Practice® Program. By completing the Certificate Program, you will gain the knowledge you need to enhance your understanding of cats and increase feline standards of care. This information can be utilized throughout your career and is transferable to future positions. 

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Individual Certificate
The Cat Friendly Veterinarian Certificate features 9 modules of education on feline health care to provide a comprehensive review, as well as tips and strategies for diagnosing, treating, and managing cats. Show your feline know-how with the CFV certificate.

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Individual Certificate
Intended for technicians/nurses and others who work directly with cats, the Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional® Certificate focuses on how to make the routine wellness visit a positive experience for the cat and client.

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Individual Certificate
The Cat Friendly Veterinary Advocate® Certificate is intended for practice team members including front office, assistants, managers, and others in the veterinary industry. It provides a solid background for understanding why Cat Friendly strategies and tactics are integral for better feline care and a more positive experience for the cat, cat owner, and entire veterinary team.