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Board of Directors

The AAFP Board of Directors


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2019 Board of Directors


Dr. Apryl Steele

Dr. Apryl Steele
Denver, CO

Dr. Kelly St. Denis

President Elect
Dr. Kelly St. Denis
Brantford, Canada

Dr. Roy Smith 2014

Dr. Colleen Currigan
Chicago, IL

Dr. Paula Monroe-Aldridge 2018

Immediate Past President
Dr. Paula Monroe-Aldridge
Tulsa, OK



Dr. Marcus Brown, Arlington, VA (2018-19)
Dr. Lauren Demos (2019-20)
Dr. Diane Lafer (2019-2020)
Dr. Ken Lambrecht, Madison, WI (2018-19)
Dr. Cathy Lund, Providence, RI (2018-19)
Dr. Michelle Meyer (2019-20)
Dr. Ilona Rodan, Madison, WI (2018-19)
AVMA Representative, Dr. Marcus Brown
AVMA Alternate Representative, Dr. Apryl Steele


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