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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The goal of the AAFP is to advance the field of feline medicine. This objective could not be achieved without the dedication and efforts offered in various ways by AAFP volunteers. You can assist in the development of the association by volunteering in multiple ways to advance the mission by offering your time, talent and skills. Some examples include writing for one of our various publications, assisting in conference planning, participating on advisory or guidelines panels, contributing to feline welfare issues, taking part in AAFP leadership or reviewing veterinary focused material and content.

In 2019, we are looking for volunteers to help with: Reviewing Webinar Content, 2020 Conference Planning Task Force, promoting the Cat Friendly Practice® program and initiatives, speaking at veterinary and technician schools, and writing content for veterinarians and cat caregivers. As new needs arise, we are creating a pool of individuals who are willing to volunteer. Please share your strengths (writing, copy-editing, speaking, organization, specific area of research/practice, etc.) and interests on the Questionnaire form.Volunteer Logo

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or learning more, please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire and submit to

Our Volunteers

The AAFP would like to thank our many volunteers who dedicate their time to an association they believe in. Thank you for your dedication, leadership and expertise which have helped us to accomplish our goals. We appreciate your time and acknowledge your dedication to feline medicine.

Cat Friendly Practice® Committee - The Cat Friendly Practice® program equips veterinary clinics with the support and resources needed to deliver elevated and quality care that incorporates the cat's perspective throughout the entire experience. The program sets the standard for providing optimum feline care and guides clinics through creating a cat friendly experience and environment that reduces stress for cats, clients, and the entire veterinary team. The Committee focus on evaluating the content, developing new resources, and identifying marketing and education opportunities.

Guidelines Committee - The primary intention of publishing Practice Guidelines is to help the veterinary community provide uniform and optimal care for feline patients, to educate cat owners about optimum medical care for cats, and to increase the standard of feline healthcare.

Feline Welfare Committee - The primary purpose of this committee is to create temporary and permanent relationships between Feline Practitioners and other academic, humane, and professional organizations in order to promote communication and cooperation. The function of this Committee is to examine feline welfare issues and develop responses and Position Statements when appropriate.

Task Forces - The AAFP's Task Forces are short term volunteer opportunities that are established to accomplish the goals of a specific objective. Once those goals have been met, the task force is completed. As task forces are created and continually change, we would like to thank all of the volunteers that have served on various task forces.

Investment Committee – This Committee concentrates on developing a sound investment policy and ensuring that it is implemented efficiently and effectively.