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Everycat Health Foundation and AAFP Announce 2021 Scholarship Recipients
May 26, 2021

AAFP Releases New Feline End of Life Educational Toolkit
May 24, 2021

Cat Friendly Certificate Program Receives Top Honor in the 2021 ASAE Gold Circle Awards
May 5, 2021

AAFP Convenes Expert Feline Speakers for Virtual Live CE Event
March 16, 2021

AAHA and AAFP Release Updated Feline Life Stage Guidelines to the Veterinary Community
March 3, 2021

AAFP Release New Feline Hypertension Educational Toolkit
February 23, 2021

Results Are In! Cat Friendly Practices® See Positive Results from 2020 Survey
January 28, 2021

WINN and AAFP Offer Two Scholarships For 2021
January 26, 2021

AAFP Announce End of Elective Declawing Procedures in Cat Friendly Practices®
January 6, 2021

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AAFP in the News

June 11, 2021 -- The Charlotte Observer
Why some urge adopters to give older pets a second chance at life

June 9, 2021 -- The Free Library
5 Things to Help the Arthritic Cat: Most cat owners will encounter this common problem

June 7, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Communication, compassion vital to end-of-life services

June 4, 2021 -- Brakke Consulting Animal Health News
Animal Health News & Notes for June 4, 2021

June 2, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Vaccine questions and resistance

June 1, 2021 -- DVM 360 Magazine
AAFP releases new feline End of Life Educational Toolkit

May 28, 2021 -- Veterinary Advantage
New Guide Addresses Challenges During Feline Euthanasia

May 24, 2021 -- LifeHacker
You Should Download This Free Toolkit If You Have a Sick or Older Cat

May 24, 2021 -- Pet Age
American Association of Feline Practitioners Releases End of Life Educational Toolkit

May 12, 2021 -- JAVMA News
Bartonellosis: A zoonosis hidden in plain sight

May 11, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Pre-anesthetic fasting: What's the right number?

April 28, 2021 -- JAVMA News
Setting the stage for owners when senior pets develop behavior problems

April 16, 2021 -- The Strategist
How to Help Pets Deal With Post-Quarantine Separation Anxiety, According to Veterinarians

April 14, 2021 -- JAVMA News
In Short

April 12, 2021 -- Today's Veterinary Practice
Anti-Vaxxers: Understanding and Addressing Client Concerns

March 31, 2021 -- JAVMA News
AAHA, AAFP update Feline Life Stage Guidelines

March 26, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Tracking blood pressure vital to feline preventive care

March 24, 2021 -- Yahoo! News
Tried-and-True Tips and Tricks for Managing Ticks on Cats

March 21, 2021 -- Bradford Today
Pandemic inspires DIY projects for feline family members

March 21, 2021 -- Yahoo! News
How old is my pet in dog years or cat years? A veterinarian explains

March 19, 2021 -- Path of Ex
Is My Cat Bored? How Can I Get My Pets to Get Along

March 16, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
A look inside: Using digital radiography to confirm feline osteoarthritis

March 10, 2021 -- Katzenworld
Hard to Handle: How do Cats Respond to Different Types of Handling?

March 10, 2021 -- Vet Practice Magazine
Updated feline life stage guidelines released to the veterinary community

March 6, 2021 -- Veterinary Advantage
'Feline Life Stage Guidelines' Help Care For Cats Of All Ages

March 5, 2021 -- DVM 360 Magazine
AAHA, AAFP release updated Feline Life Stage Guidelines

March 4, 2021 --
AAHA and AAFP release feline guidelines to the vet community

March 3, 2021 -- Vet Candy
AAFP releases updated feline lifestage guidelines

March 3, 2021 -- Today's Veterinary Business
AAHA, AAFP Release Feline Life Stage Guidelines

March 3, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Age-specific care aids in feline patient compliance

March 3, 2021 --
Updated feline life stage guidelines released to the veterinary community

February 26, 2021 -- Pet Age
AAFP Releases Feline Hypertension Toolkit for Veterinary Professionals

February 22, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Cat foundation rebrand reflects global vision

February 18, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Funds available for emerging leaders in feline medicine

February 2, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Feline-friendly tactics can help boost the bottom line

February 1, 2021 -- Today's Veterinary Business
The Cat's Meow

January 29, 2021 -- Pet Age
Cat Friendly Practices See Positive Results from 2020 Survey

January 12, 2021 -- Veterinary Practice News
Elective declawing banned in Cat Friendly Practices

January 12, 2021 -- Catster
How to Prepare Your Kitten for the Vet

January 11, 2021 -- VN Online
AAFP ends elective declawing procedures

January 10, 2021 -- Steve Dale Pet World
Declaws to End at Cat Friendly Practices

January 10, 2021 -- WGN Radio 720 / Steve Dale Pet World
Cat scratching prevention, science behind the psychological effect of declawing, and more

January 8, 2021 -- DVM 360 Magazine
AAFP bans elective onychectomy at Cat Friendly Practices

January 6, 2021 -- Pet Age
AAFP: End of Elective Declawing Procedures for Cat Friendly Practices

January 6, 2021 -- Today's Veterinary Business
Cat Friendly Practices Won't Do Elective Declaws

January 6, 2021 -- JAVMA News
AAFP 2020 Virtual Conference

January 5, 2021 -- Steve Dale's Pet World
Cat Friendly Practices Can No Longer Declaw

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