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Approaches to Urolithiasis Treatment Consensus Statement

2022 AAFP Consensus Statement: Approaches to Urolithiasis Treatment

Download - 2022 AAFP Consensus Statement: Approaches to Urolithiasis Treatment 

The Consensus Statement, "Approaches to Urolithiasis Treatment" focuses on patient-centered, research, and experience-supported recommendations for the treatment of cystoliths in cats. This statement provides a quick overview for practicing clinicians on diagnosing and managing feline lower urinary tract stones.

Feline urolithiasis is a common cause of lower urinary tract signs and can vary from asymptomatic to life-threatening urethral or ureteral obstruction. Advancements in therapeutic diets, miniaturization of equipment, and advanced technologies have provided a unique opportunity for veterinarians to practice advanced compassionate care that was not available in the past. Dissolution and minimally invasive procedures remain a cornerstone of management, yet some practitioners may struggle to decide when and how to perform dissolution and other minimally invasive treatments. This statement provides recommendations on how determining the urolith composition can help determine which approaches to take in the treatment of urolithiasis.

The Task Force members include Marilyn Dunn, DVM, MVSc, DACVIM; Matthew Koryna, MSc, DVM; and Jody Lulich, DVM, PhD, DACVIM.

The AAFP acknowledges Hill's Pet Nutrition, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets, and Royal Canin for their educational grant that made this statement possible. No task force members received any financial support for the research, authorship, or publication of this article.

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