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Pediatric Sterilization in Cats Position Statement

2020 Pediatric Sterilization in Cats

Download - Full Position Statement on Pediatric Sterilization in Cats

The AAFP supports pediatric spay/neutering of cats, not intended for breeding, by 5 months of age as part of a comprehensive approach to population control and management by eliminating unintended/unplanned litters of kittens.

Owners should be advised that it is possible for their cat to be reproductively active (without necessarily demonstrating obvious physical signs) as early as 4–5 months. Veterinarians should use their best professional judgment regarding health conditions of the patient, and their individual surgical skills and anesthetic knowledge in deciding at what age spay/neutering should be performed.

The AAFP recommends these educational resources for veterinary professionals, team members, and clients/caregivers:

This Position Statement has been updated from: 2010 Early Spay and Castration