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Identification of Cats Position Statement

2007 Identification of Cats

Download - Full Position Statement on Identification of Cats

The American Association of Feline Practitioners strongly believes that cats should carry both visible and permanent identification so that they may be returned to their owners if they become lost or stolen.

The position statement above contains more information on:

  • Accurate identification of cats is an essential component of cat welfare.
  • There are two types of identification commonly used for cats.
  • The AAFP believes that identifying cats simultaneously with both methods provides the most secure method for reunification of lost cats.
  • Microchip identification procedures are safe.
  • All cats should be identified.
  • Assuring identification should be included in routine wellness care of all cats.
  • All cats should be scanned for microchips.
  • Owner contact information must be kept current in available databases.
  • The microchip identification system must achieve international compatibility.