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August 22, 2023 - 8:00 pm EDT

Frailty: The Next Frontier of Care

The average age of cats in North America is twelve (12) years. Aging and frailty are related and the latter can result in more rapid decline in quality of life. This presentation will discuss current concepts and research on frailty. The first research on frailty in cats is currently underway. Meanwhile, interventions known to slow or reverse frailty in humans will be discussed with their relevance in feline health.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the science of frailty study in humans and its relevance to feline quality of life
  • Utilize assessment tools to assess frailty
  • Implement interventions in practice that can address frailty
  • Recognize the alterations indicated in nutrition planning for aging cats
  • Review the current research underway on feline frailty

Presented by Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, MS, DAVBP (Feline)

May 30, 2023 - 8:00 pm EDT

Can I ‘do’ Cat Friendly in a Mixed (Dog & Cat) Practice?

It is easy for those of whose practices include both cats AND dogs to think (incorrectly) that we cannot possibly execute Cat Friendly considerations, approaches, and handling with our feline patients.  We not only CAN, but we are ethically obligated to make Cat Friendly happen - - for our clients, for our teams, and (most importantly) for our feline friends.  This session will provide practical ideas for making Cat Friendly a reality in your practice.

Presented by Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CCRP