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Educational Videos

Educational Videos for Veterinary Teams

Preventing Cats from Becoming Difficult
When we talk about feline-friendly handling, we often get asked about specific restraint techniques. But one of the primary goals of feline-friendly handling is not needing to restrain the cat in the first place. It is not how you handle a difficult cat, but how you prevent cats from becoming difficult!

Video - Preventing Cats from Becoming Difficult

Benefits of Routine Exams
Have your clients ever asked, “Why do I need to bring my cat in for an exam every year?” Here is a sample script that outlines key messages you can use during visits to convey the importance of routine feline check-ups.

Video - Benefits of Routine Exams

Below is a list of videos that have been created to help veterinary teams make feline-friendly changes to their practices. Click the link to view the video of your choice. The AAFP recommends viewing the videos in order, as they each contain information that is helpful to know in the following video. To view the entire YouTube playlist, click here.

Part 1 — How to Make Feline Friendly Changes

Part 2 — Understanding Feline Behavior

Part 3 — Understanding & Preparing for the Feline Veterinary Visit

Part 4 — Being Flexible During Feline Examination

Part 5 — Enhancing the Feline Examination

Part 6 — Feline Friendly Handling during Veterinary Visits

Part 7 — Doing Procedures in the Examination Room

Part 8 — Now You Can Begin to Make Changes in Your Practice

Educational Videos for Cat Owners

Below is a list of videos that have been created to help cat owners understand the importance of routine veterinary care and how Cat Friendly Practices® (CFP) can help their cats. The series offers a glimpse into how CFPs are able to provide the highest quality-of-care while showing owners a commitment to address the distinct health needs and special considerations of feline patients. To view the entire YouTube playlist, click here.

Video 1 - Cat Friendly Practices® Can Reduce Stress of Vet Visits

Video 2 - Why Cats Need Routine Veterinary Checkups

Video 3 - A Cat Friendly Practice® Helps Me and My Cats

Video 4 - Ongoing Cat Care, Part I: Getting to Know Your Cat

Vdeo 5 - Ongoing Cat Care, Part II: Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Benefits of Routine Exams
Cats need regular veterinary check-ups to establish healthcare plans for longer, happier, and healthier lives. Your veterinarian can often detect conditions that may affect your cat’s health long before they become significant so they can be managed or cured before they become painful or more difficult to treat. This brief video explains why routine check-ups are so important

Video - Benefits of Routine Exams