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"Those of us who are fortunate enough to be owned by a cat understand the value of seeing that our cats get the best care possible. It is extremely important for them to receive regular exams especially as they age. I want to make their visits to the veterinarian as easy and stress free for both the cats and me as possible. When I see a veterinarian in a designated Cat Friendly Practice, I know my cats will receive care tailored to their needs. My cats are handled gently and given time to adjust to the surroundings. If my cats need medicine, the veterinarian works with me to select the best formulation to be sure the cat actually takes the needed medication. While other veterinarians may like cats and provide good care, when I see a designated Cat Friendly Practice®, I know they and their technicians have taken extra training and can relax knowing my cats are in competent caring hands. If I were to move and need to select another veterinarian, I would definitely look for a designated Cat Friendly Practice®."

Denise L. - Colorado


"Coming to a Cat Friendly Practice® has been extremely beneficial to my super senior kitty, Angeline, in a number of ways.

My local CFP has an exam room especially dedicated to their feline patients. Being able to have Angeline examined and treated in this special room made vet visits much less stressful for her. The doctors and staff at my CFP have a complete understanding of the unique needs of all of my cats - from my current kitty, who is 3 years old to my super senior kitty who lived to be 20 years old. I wholeheartedly attribute my senior kitty's longevity to the wonderful and loving care she received at a CFP.

I can say, without hesitation, that the care my kitties receive at my CFP is the absolutely best. My current kitty, Vortex, is the sweetest, most lovable kitty ever - and I know this is a result of the care he received from the staff and doctors at my CFP prior to his adoption."

Karen D. - Michigan


"I appreciate that my Cat Friendly Practice® is set up to make veterinary visits less stressful for both my cats and myself. The waiting room has cat ambassadors who exude calm and help make waiting less stressful. There are no barking dogs or other animals to make my cats more nervous. The exam rooms are great for my cats to explore without getting into trouble (no shelves with knickknacks or upholstered furniture to destroy). The staff are all professional, friendly, and make a sincere effort to get to know you and your cats. I know that they truly care about my cats' health and are invested in their work. In addition to the checkups, the staff always ask me about behavior changes and are a wealth of knowledge for at-home care. Being a CFP, I know they'll provide the best care for my cats in a safe and comforting environment. I wouldn't take my cats anywhere else."

Melanie M. - Oregon


"My cats and I love our local Cat Friendly Practice®. My cats are noticeably calmer throughout the visit. The staff's feline expertise is extensive and they offer helpful hints and tips to make life with my pet healthy and enjoyable."

Donna K. - Tennessee


"My experience as a Cat Friendly Practice® client has been excellent. The doctors and hospital staff are marvelous and I actively recommend the clinic to everyone I can. My cats are treated like royalty and I appreciate the clinic's feline-friendly environment. For instance, my CFP has a cat entrance with only one door to make it easier to get my kitties in for visits. I found this clinic years ago and knew it was the one for us."

Sandy B. - Oregon


"Before finding my local Cat Friendly Practice®, my three kitties were completely stressed out when it came to visiting the vet. However, that's a thing of the past since taking them to a CFP. The environment, coupled with friendly and knowledgeable staff seem to soothe them."

Linda C. - California


"Other clinics I've gone to in the past lacked calm waiting areas (my CFP has awesome cat furniture and fish to watch while we wait!). The staff is really well-trained when it comes to handling my kitties."

Carrie K. - Oregon


"There is no comparison between my previous veterinary experiences and coming to my local Cat Friendly Practice®. My cat is no longer stressed out when going in for a vet exam since our CFP makes an effort to create a calming environment that's free of other animal odors and noise from other animals. Every staff member embraces my cat with gentle, loving hands and techniques which always make visits 'PURR-FECT.' I will NEVER take my cat anywhere else for health care because she deserves a feline-friendly environment and the very BEST."

Ron & Dixie D. - California


"I am so fortunate to have found a Cat Friendly Practice® when I first moved to Chicago. Admittedly, I was unaware of the benefits of a CFP and was looking for a reputable vet's office that was close to home with glowing reviews of course. I found a CFP in Chicago and was very glad I did. Upon first glance at the CFP, I noticed the cat pictures on the walls, cat toys and treats, and of course the lack of dog smell that made my cat feel fearful at the other vets we had visited prior. The benefits continued to show themselves through multiple visits, particularly with the staff and were easily able to put myself and my furry friend at ease.

Over the holidays I noticed that my cat was demonstrating some very odd behavior, and my CFP was closed. I headed to an emergency pet hospital and after several hours the staff deemed whatever was ailing my cat as a mystery and sent me home even though my cat was still in pain. Once my CFP was back open, I took her in as quickly as possible and it was determined that my cat had a pyometra, and required emergency surgery. This is something that I believe WOULD have been explored and determined had I originally taken her to a CFP in the first place. The staff at my CFP takes cat symptoms into consideration, and listens to the pets owners when describing what happened. Without my CFP, it is uncertain what the outcome may have been. Because of the skilled staff and doctors at my CFP, my kitty is feeling back to her normal self, and I am more educated about all things cat."

Lindsay B. - Illinois


"I would highly recommend a Cat Friendly Practice® to anyone looking to have a smooth, less stressful visit to the vet with your cat. I have always been satisfied with the way the CFP staff and doctors treat my kitties. The CFP has a very calm and quiet environment. Many thanks to the staff and doctors for always treating my kitties with so much love. You can tell they love cats."

Patricia - California


"As a new cat owner, my local Cat Friendly Practice® has been paramount in educating me on how to properly care for my cat. The vet at my CFP led a seminar for new cat owners on feline health and wellness - the information I learned was invaluable.

Outside of feline education, I really appreciate the cat friendly office set-up and feline-only exam room. I've also been very impressed with the staff's level of feline knowledge."

James W. - Michigan


"My local Cat Friendly Practice® is a wonderful place that I've been taking all of my cats to for over 15 years. The reduced stress environment makes it easy to handle even my most nervous cats. I would recommend a CFP to anyone with a feline companion who needs a calm, relaxing visit to the vet."

Gloria - California


"If you have a cat, you owe it to them and to yourself to find and try a Cat Friendly Practice®. The advantages of a CFP are clear the minute you walk in the door. No overly friendly but frighteningly huge dogs are sharing the waiting room. The staff are attuned to your cat's needs and quickly become familiar with to your cat's personality. Cats can be high strung and downright anti-social and perfectly capable of making even a routine exam a stressful ordeal. The CFP staff have all seen this behavior before and know the techniques needed to reduce the stress level for both you and your cat. If the vet visit becomes non-routine, the focused expertise of a CFP is invaluable. From specialized tests to treatment alternatives, a CFP is where you want to be. The staff KNOWS cats and UNDERSTANDS cats. We have been fortunate in having access to CFPs for over 35 years. If you have a CFP in your area, you really should give it a try. It can literally be life changing for your cat and can turn a trip to the vet into a positive experience."

Jan and Richard G. - Illinois


"It was truly my very lucky day when I found my local Cat Friendly Practice®.

Purlie was my new rescue and I was reluctant to bring her to my previous vet due to what I perceived as a cold lack of concern. This sweet little cat was about a year old and had suffered flea allergies when she was taken in, so she was understandably shy and a bit nervous.

I was able to get an appointment within a few days of calling my CFP and got a very warm welcome at the reception desk. The vet examined Purlie with such a gentle and sweet touch that I felt comfort knowing my little darling was in good hands. Purlie received a very comprehensive exam, all the right questions were asked, my own questions and concerns were answered in a manner that I was able to easily understand.

A neighbor in my building recently asked me where I took my cat for vet care. I heartily recommended my local CFP as the place to go for a professional, compassionate, and friendly group of veterinarians, vet techs, and office staff."

Judy F. - California


"Having been a 30-year client of a Cat Friendly Practice®, I can personally attest to the high level of care that is unique to CFP hospitals/clinics. CFP veterinary professionals have a significantly increased depth of feline knowledge and understand that cats are distinctive animals with specific needs and should always be handled with respect.

I was referred to a CFP by a friend/veterinarian who suggested to me that my very ill cat might benefit from this knowledge base since many practices at the time treated dogs and cats similarly. When I arrived at the CFP, there was an obvious difference in the environment, which immediately put me and my cat at ease. I was equally impressed with the knowledge demonstrated by the attending veterinarian. Treatments for my cat's condition were proposed, and he sustained three years of a quality life, well beyond the one month sentence he had received previously."

Barb E. - Illinois


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