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Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day 2016 – PR Resources

August 22 is National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day.  The AAFP has a variety of resources that you are more than welcome to use (just click on the thumbnail images below to download high-res versions). Please email Crystal DeCotiis ( if you’re interested in gathering more background information on the importance of routine preventive check-ups, would like to interview or receive a quote from an expert feline veterinarian, etc.


Download Cat2VetDay Preparation Checklist

Download Cat2VetDay Infographic




Download Vet Visits Don't Have to Be Stressful Flyer




Download 5 Benefits of Routine Vet Vistis For Your Cat



Download Turn Your Cat Carrier into a "Home Away from Home" Infographic



Download Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian Brochure



Download 5 Reasons Routine Vet Visits are a Vital Part of Your Cat's Health Infographic