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Management of infected cats should focus on effective preventive healthcare strategies, prompt identification and treatment of illness, and limiting the spread of infection.


  • Infected cats can live for many years with a high quality of life.
  • Follow consistent preventive healthcare strategies.
  • Promptly identify and treat illness.
  • Prevent, identify, and limit the spread of infectious disease.
  • Euthanasia of positive cats is not recommended.

Management of Retrovirus Infected Cats: Multi-Cat Households

  • FIV: transmission limited where cohabitating cats do not fight or reproduce
  • FeLV: transmission via shared food and water bowls, allogrooming and alloplay
  • Reduce stress by resource and environmental needs management.
  • House infected cats indoors or with access to enclosed outdoor structures only.
  • Longevity appears to be best in cats living in low-density household.


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