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Vetcove Inner Circle

How to Create/Upgrade Your Vetcove Account

1. Login to the AAFP Member Center.

2. Click the Vetcove button in the right sidebar menu.

3. Click the Create/Upgrade my Vetcove Account button. You'll be redirected to the
    Vetcove website.

4. Confirm the account you'd like to upgrade by entering your Vetcove username and
    password. If you do not yet have a Vetcove account, you can create one.

If the upgrade was successful, you'll see the AAFP Inner Circle branding and messaging upon login on the dashboard.

The AAFP has partnered with Vetcove to bring feline practitioners an enhanced way to supply your practice!

Vetcove combines the catalogs of your existing suppliers into one web platform. It allows you to research products, compare pricing, check stock across vendors, order faster, and buy in one place

You keep your existing vendors and reps, your current billing and shipping logistics, and any special pricing you currently receive, including buying group (GPO) pricing. All major veterinary vendors are supported. Benefits of using Vetcove include:

  • One unified catalog with all vendors and every possible product for your practice.
  • Reduced inventory costs by choosing your best supplier for each item.
  • Spend less time purchasing and reduce frustration associated with inventory.
  • Easy vendor management with combined shopping cart, order history, and purchase analytics.
  • Exclusive features as a member of the AAFP, which gives you complimentary access to the Inner Circle.

Learn more about AAFP Membership Benefits.