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Feline Vaccination Guidelines

AAFP 2006 Feline Vaccination Guidelines

Download - 2006 Feline Vaccine Guidelines
Download - 2006 Feline Vaccine Guidelines Summary

The Advisory Panel included experts in immunology, infectious disease, internal medicine, and clinical practice. As much as possible, the information reported here was based on information from studies in peer-reviewed publications. When such information was not available, the Advisory Panel depended on clinical experience, technical judgments, and results of unpublished studies.

Although the information contained herein is intended to be accurate, thorough, and comprehensive, it is subject to change in light of developments in research, technology, and experience. As such, this document should not be construed as dictating exclusive protocols, courses of treatment, or procedures. Other techniques and procedures may be warranted on the basis of the needs of the patient, available resources, and limitations unique to the setting.

The AAFP thanks the members of the Feline Vaccine Advisory Panel for their devotion to this project. The AAFP also appreciates the openness and assistance provided by manufacturers of feline vaccines.