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AAFP Virtual eConference

AAFP Virtual eConference

April 6, 2020 | Online Only

Join us for an educational online experience with feline-focused topics!

This inaugural event will feature 4 exceptional educational presentations.



  • Inter-Cat Tension in Multi-Cat Households
  • Behavioral Considerations in Feline Obesity & Weight Loss


  • Anesthesia for Senior & Super-Senior Cats
  • Anesthesia and Analgesia: Real World, Real Cases


Inter-Cat Tension in Multi-Cat Households - Dr. Sarah Heath

As cats increase in popularity the number of multi-cat households is also on the increase. While many of these households are harmonious there are a significant number in which social tension between the cats is creating problems. When social tension is resulting in overt hostility, and physical confrontation occurs, it becomes obvious to caregivers that something needs to be done. However, social tension between cats does not always result in obvious physical fights and the chronic triggering of negative emotional responses has the potential to result in much more subtle behavioural change as well as compromised physical health. Increasing human understanding of feline social behaviour and their environmental needs is the key to enabling caregivers to establish households that maximise positive emotional experiences for cats, remove unnecessary triggering of negative emotions and minimise the impact of justified negative emotions.

Behavioral Considerations in Feline Obesity and Weight Loss - Dr. Sarah Heath

There is increasing awareness that obesity is a complex disease in which many different factors play an important role. One of those factors is emotional health and the impact of the domestic environment on feline feeding behaviour. Management and prevention of obesity relies on more than a simple balancing of food intake and energy output and involves improving owner understanding of natural feline behaviour as well as improving the accuracy of communication between human caregivers and their cats. A similar understanding of the interplay between emotional and physical health is helpful when approaching cases of weight loss and dealing with the challenge of hypo and anorexic feline patients. The aim is to optimise both the home and the veterinary environment from a feline perspective in order to reduce physiological stress and its impact on patients with weight related concerns at either end of the spectrum.

Anesthesia for Senior and Super-Senior Cats - Dr. Sheilah Robertson

As cats age, significant changes in body composition and organ function occur that affect the distribution and elimination of anesthetic and analgesic drugs. If these are not accounted for, the risk of an overdose, adverse cardiorespiratory effects and delayed recovery is high. A large number of cats have osteoarthritis therefore careful patient positioning during procedures in important but often overlooked.

Anesthesia and Analgesia: Real World, Real Cases - Dr. Sheilah Robertson

Cats are well known for having more than one thing wrong with them and cats with co-morbidities often require anesthesia. The impact of disease(s) on major body systems and the effect of current treatments must be carefully scrutinized to develop an appropriate anesthetic plan. Cats with single and combined conditions including but not limited to hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, obesity, chronic kidney disease and osteoarthritis that require anesthesia for important procedures such as dental care will be discussed.


Today, veterinary professionals are increasingly busy meeting the demands of their practices, and yet staying connected and informed is key to their success. The Virtual eConference allows for similar real-time educational opportunities as those found at onsite conferences where people sit together and discuss many topics; however, the essential difference is that it is conducted entirely online. Attendees can participate through a website designed specifically for the eConference that uses live streaming video for slides with audio elements to provide a virtual experience. Once engaged in the virtual session, participants have the ability to interact with the facilitator and ask questions, as well as with other attendees through chat features. Virtual attendees from all over the world now have the ability to achieve the same educational outcomes as those who attend onsite conferences. It increases opportunities for collaboration and shared learning because we no longer need to be in the same place, make travel arrangements, or even leave the comfort of our own homes or offices. All that is needed is a stable internet connection and a computer or electronic device.