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REMINDER: Beginning January 1, 2022, you will be required to submit license information for RACE-approved CE (US and Canada only). Click here for detailed instructions on updating your AAFP profile.
5 Cat-Friendly Concepts to Integrate in Your Practice
Drs. Rodan, Colleran, Robertson, Felsted, & Charlier
Adult Cat Nutrition: Assessment and Developing Plans
Dr. Angela Rollins
Sponsored by Royal Canin
A Lifetime of Dental Health Starts in Kittenhood
Dr. Heidi Lobprise
Sponsored by Royal Canin 
Allergic Dermatitis
Dr. Alison Diesel
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Analgesia in Cats: Can We Do Better?
Dr. Sheliah Robertson
Sponsored by Zoetis
Anemia in Cats: A Simple Approach
Dr. Guillermo Couto
Sponsored by IDEXX
Calm that Cat…Is it Dermatology or Behavior? NEW
Drs. Ashley Bourgeois & Christopher Pachel
Sponsored by Ceva
Detecting Feline Chronic Pain
Dr. Alison Gottlieb
Sponsored by NAVTA 
Essential Feline Diabetes Management: What’s New in 2023
Dr. J. Catherine Scott-Moncrieff
Sponsored by Zoetis
Feeding Her Majesty: Basics of Queen and Kitten Nutrition
Dr. Lindsey E. Bullen
Sponsored by Royal Canin
Feline Anesthesia Highlights
Drs. Susan Gogolski & Heidi Shafford
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Feline Chronic Pain: Getting Cat Owners on Board
Dr. Alison Gottlieb
Sponsored by NAVTA
Feline CKD: Don't Wait for Weight Loss
Dr. Audrey Cook
Sponsored by Elanco
Feline-Friendly Handling & Interactions: Evidence-based Techniques
Dr. Ilona Rodan
Sponsored by Royal Canin, Ceva, and Sleepypod
Feline Nursing Care for the Hospitalized Patient
Dr. Alison Gottlieb
Sponsored by NAVTA 
Feline Hypertension: Essentials in Diagnosis and Management
Dr. Kelly A. St. Denis
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim 
Feline Upper Respiratory Infections: What's New? 
Dr. Carrie White
Sponsored by Elanco 
Feline Urinary Behavior, Two Peas in a Pod? Q&A with Experts 
Drs. Debbie Horwitz & Sheri Ross
Sponsored by Hills 
Fleas (and Ticks) Attack Cats 
Dr. Susan Little
Sponsored by Elanco 
Focus on FeLV
Dr. Susan Little
Sponsored by IDEXX 
Hydration Fixation: Beyond the Water Bowl
Dr. Jason Gagne
Sponsored by Purina 
Is the Kitty Crazy? Feline Hyperthyroidism
Dr. Kathy Engler
Sponsored by Dechra
Idiopathic Hypercalcemia in Cats – What You May Not Know
Dr. Dennis J. Chew
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Kitten-caboodle: A Selection of Various Feline Dermatoses
Dr. Alison Diesel
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Cats
Dr. Susan Little
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim 
One Size Won’t Fit All: Tailoring Weight Management Plans For Cats
Dr. Julie Churchill
Sponsored by Mars Petcare 
Optimizing Feline Samples for Quality Results
Dr. Saundra Willis
Sponsored by Zoetis
Otitis in the Cat: Keys to Diagnosis & Therapy
Dr. Alison Diesel
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Modern Parasitology for the Cat
Drs. Annette Litster & Chris Adolph
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Placement & Maintenance of Nasogastric Feeding Tubes in Cats
Dr. Lisa Powell
Sponsored by Royal Canin 
Putting Vaccines into Perspective 
Dr. Christopher Lee
Sponsored by Merck 
Regenerative Medicine & the Feline Patient
Dr. Robert Harman
Sponsored by VetStem Biopharma
Senior Cats: The Often-Forgotten Life Stage for Nutrition
Dr. Sherry Sanderson
Sponsored by Royal Canin
Special Considerations on Feline Ears
Dr. Alison Diesel
Sponsored by Zoetis 
The Technician's Role in Diabetes Management
Paula Plummer, LVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM, CP-Feline)
In Partnership with NAVTA
Tips for Practical Approach to Feline Pain Management 
Dr. Tamara Grubb
Sponsored by Zoetis 
Treatment of Chronic Pain
Dr. Alison Gottlieb
Sponsored by NAVTA 
Understanding the Aging Cat
Drs. Beth Boynton, Sheilah Robertson, Hazel C. Carney, Michael Ray, & Kelly St. Denis
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Purina, Royal Canin, IDEXX, and Zoetis
Unintentional Weight Loss: Feline Dwindles  
Dr. Grant Gugisberg
Sponsored by Dechra 
Weight Loss in the Palliative Care Setting 
Dr. Craig Clifford
Sponsored by Kindred Bio 
What is it? Differentiating Medical from Behavioral  
Dr. Valarie Tynes
Sponsored by Ceva