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New Palliative Care Webinar

5 Cat-Friendly Concepts to Integrate in Your Practice
Drs. Rodan, Colleran, Robertson, Felsted, & Charlier
Analgesia in Cats: Can We Do Better?
Dr. Sheliah Robertson
Sponsored by Zoetis
Cats and Kidney Disease
Dr. Jane Robertson
Sponsored by IDEXX Laboratories 
Cats and Kidney Disease: Case Based Approach to using SDMA
Dr. Jane Robertson
Sponsored by IDEXX
Claw Counseling: Living in Harmony with Clawed Cats
Dr. Kelly A. St. Denis
Evaluating Scientific Study Design
Dr. LeMac' Morris
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
Feline Anesthesia Highlights
Drs. Susan Gogolski & Heidi Shafford
Sponsored by Zoetis
Feline-friendly Handling (Updated)
Dr. Ilona Rodan
Sponsored by Ceva
Feline Hypertension: Essentials in Diagnosis and Management
Dr. Kelly A. St. Denis
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
Feline Myocardial Disease: Prevalence, Detection, and Diversity
Dr. Neal K. Peckens
Sponsored by IDEXX 
Feline Pain Management in General Practice
Dr. Michael Petty
Sponsored by Zoetis
Feline Thyroid Disease: Feline Thyroid Disease: Management, Therapy, and Diagnostics 
Dr. Elizabeth Colleran
Sponsored by IDEXX

Feline Vaccine-Associated Sarcomas: Myth or Reality 
Dr. Philip Bergman
Sponsored by Merial 

Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Cats
Dr. Susan Little
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
Managing Feline Endocrine Diseases
Dr. Audra Fenimore
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim
Modern Parasitology for the Cat
Drs. Annette Litster & Chris Adolph
Sponsored by Zoetis
The Path to Better Feline Care:
The AAFP's Cat Friendly Practice® Program

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran
Tips for Practical Approach to Feline Pain Management
Dr. Tamara Grubb
Sponsored by Zoetis
Vaccinology 101
Dr. Leigh O'Mara PhD
Sponsored by Merial, Ltd
Weight Loss in the Palliative Care Setting NEW
Dr. Craig Clifford
Sponsored by Kindred Bio