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Visit San Francisco

Never the same. Always San Francisco. No matter if this is your first time to visit San Francisco, or you're here to renew an old acquaintance, the city never ceases to surprise. So make sure to come early or stay late to explore all that San Francisco has to offer.

San Francisco has many deals available all around the city including discounts on dining, transportation, attractions and more. The deals will be available to you via a weblink 2-3 months prior to the conference. Come back then to see all of the deals!

Facts About San Francisco:

  • Depending on who is counting, San Francisco has between 47 – 74 hills, some with and some without names.
  • The Flood Mansion located on Nob Hill is the only mansion to structurally survive the 1906 San Francisco fire and earthquake.
  • Alcatraz has been a lighthouse (1846), a Military Fort (1858), a Military Prison (1868), a Federal Prison (1933-1963) and now a historic landmark (1986 – present).
  • Domenico "Domingo" Ghirardelli, an Italian immigrant who lived in Peru and then came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush, bought the lot that is now Ghirardelli Square in 1893. Operating since 1852, Ghirardelli is the second-oldest chocolate company in the United States.
  • The color of the Golden Gate Bridge is "International Orange," which was chosen for its visibility in the fog and to complement the natural surroundings.

We know that your days during the conference will be filled with plentiful CE sessions, walking through the exhibit hall, and conversing with colleagues, but you won't want to miss out on time spent in this beautiful city. In your downtime, make sure to see this city for all its worth.