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Cat Friendly Practice® Program Stories

We asked our Cat Friendly Practices® to share the details about their journey and how they implemented initially Cat Friendly into their practice; how it has helped their practice; why it has been important to their staff, patients, and clients; what specific Cat Friendly tips and ideas that have helped along the way; and how they have continued to ensure the standards over time including with new team members. Read their stories below.

A Cat Friendly Practice® and Proud of It!
Robin Downing, DVM, MS, Doctor of Bioethics, DAAPM, DACVSMR
Windsor Veterinary Clinic PC, Windsor, CO

It is essential to understand that a veterinary practice does not need to be a cats-only practice to be a Cat Friendly Practice®. We remain a "mixed" practice - - we still see dogs! But we have dramatically expanded our feline patient population as a result of qualifying as a Cat Friendly Practice®. Any practice considering this designation should recognize that embracing Cat Friendly is a great way to accomplish several important things:

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Becoming a Cat Friendly Hospital
Submitted by Judy Ling, RVT
Royal York Animal Hospital, Etobicoke, Canada

This was the best decision that the hospital made and it is still going strong today. We see more feline patients and clients who never mentioned they have cats are bringing them in now. Our clients really appreciate all the advice and extra effort we take to make sure their cat is comfortable and less stressed. If you are a clinic still deciding on becoming a Cat Friendly Practice®, I would highly recommend it. Not only will it bring you new clients and patients, but your clients will appreciate the extra effort and time you spend with their beloved family members.

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Earlysville Animal Hospital is proud to be a Cat Friendly Practice® for 10 years

Submitted by Kathi Gruss, DVM
Earlysville Animal Hospital, Earlysville, VA

When the Cat Friendly Practice® Program was initiated, I was already a member and big fan of the AAFP. With Cat Friendly Practice® and the AAFP, we learned how to better serve our feline patients. We continue to evolve to be better feline caretakers. The bonus is everyone is happier and safer - the patient, the client, and the veterinarians and staff. Becoming a Cat Friendly Practice® takes time, effort, and training for veterinarians, staff, and clients. I honestly think every practice that cares for any cats should make this effort so they offer the best care to every cat. It improves every aspect of cat care.

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Gentle Leaders, Strong Practice
Submitted by Holley Truitt, Cat Friendly & Fear Free Certified Technician
Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital, Austin, TX

(We) had already been using Cat Friendly techniques such as offering treats during visits, letting cats come out of the carrier at their own pace, and gentle touch during exams. Since becoming a CFP, (we) added a cat-only waiting area, cat-only exam room, and cat-only treatment area. Through the years, (we have) added team members who embrace and improve its cat culture.

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