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Cat Friendly Certificate Program Testimonials



Cat Friendly Certificate Program

“AAFP educational programs continue to inspire and motivate our entire team, and support our continued dedication to excellence with respect to feline patient care.”

“This course has some great resources for the clinic and would be beneficial to EVERYONE, not just doctors or technicians. Definitely recommending it to anyone who is uncomfortable with cat handling and care.”

“This program provided great information on making our feline patients' experiences calmer and safer for everyone involved. We are able to provide top of the line care tailored to the personality of each cat we see with the tools and techniques gained from the modules in these lessons.”

“Excellent & ultimately practical CE for practitioners interested in implementing cat friendly practice techniques today!”

“A clear and concise program of information clearly focusing on the special needs and issues of our feline patients. Very well done.”

“The Cat Friendly Certificate Program is fantastic! Every veterinary professional can benefit from this program. It helps improve understanding of feline behavior, feline handling and the common but complex feline diseases. I would recommend this program to everyone!”

“If you are a general practitioner that was frustrated examining an aggressive cat, you need to take these courses.”

"This certificate program should be utilized by all veterinarians regardless of years of practice. We are severely lacking in being taught these techniques and ideas in school, and we did not get a degree in dog medicine only. We should discontinue the idea that cats are the lesser species."

"In a few hours, we can have easy-to-listen-to & great tips about cat management and common diseases.”

“This is exactly what I was looking for to training my team! Thank you!"

“This course helps break down some of the more complex principles in our profession so that we can translate it to clients effectively and efficiently. Understanding cat behavior is difficult and anything that we can do to bridge that gap will only help our patients and clients - I believe this was a very valuable tool.”

“The best source of feline medical information in the industry.”

“The Certificate Program is a fantastic, compact, efficient way to boost your knowledge of general feline handling and medical practice. Every bit of information provided is practical to our general practice setting and will greatly impact the care we able to provide for our feline patients for years to come.”

“A great review of principles old and new. Practical information you can use every day to make patients more comfortable while providing excellent care.”

“This program should be taken by anyone working with feline patients. A very thorough look at all things feline.”

“I work in Emergency and Critical Care and sometimes it is challenging to provide a relaxing environment for our feline patients. With the help of the CFV program, I have learned useful techniques to provide a stress-free environment and lead to faster recovery for our feline patients.”

“The AAFP Cat Friendly Certificate Program for veterinarians offers excellent insights that will help change the way we work with cats and cat owners in our practices. If you are seeing ANY cats, this should be a required certification!”

“These modules have excellent information for all veterinarians not only for behavior and good handling information, but also managing common diseases better. I'd like to see every veterinary graduate with this certificate.”

“A must for ALL small animal practitioners! This program is filled with a wealth of information about cats and how veterinary practices can do their part to provide excellent care and recognize their unique needs. Our feline patients deserve better and are counting on it.”

“The Cat Friendly Certificate Program for veterinarians was a solid review of cat-friendly handling techniques as well as an excellent and up-to-date review of the most common feline disease processes.”

“I recently completed the Cat Friendly Veterinarian Certificate and am very excited to implement some new protocols that will benefit my feline patients and utilize the extensive resources to help clients better understand the behavioral and health needs of their cats.”

“This is a program that every veterinarian should take in order to better understand the cat's unique psyche and how to provide a cat-friendly environment. The information given for understanding diseases unique to cats is invaluable.”

“This should be mandatory training for every veterinary team! Easy to follow and comprehend, it provides a great baseline to establish a clinic as cat-friendly.”

“This certification helped to reinforce my feline focused training and highlighted practical uses for the resources available through the AAFP.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity to get everyone on the same page! So much necessary information to provide the care cats deserve!”

“Informative, direct, and perfectly paced course that should be the foundation for feline care in every veterinary practice!”

“I strongly recommend this course! Specially for those who love cats and want to give the best for their patients.”

"Great source for feline exclusive CE and the certification is an added value."

"My practice is not currently a Cat Friendly Practice. This program gave me more information to be able to make the practice Feline Friendly.”

“Using some of the handling techniques has already helped my patients!"

“I thoroughly enjoyed the AAFP Cat Friendly Certificate Program and would recommend it to all veterinary team members as a way to better serve our feline patients and their unique needs.”

"Even if you think that you know all there is to know about Cat Friendly, there is always room for improvement. During the lectures, our hospital made a list of 1) what we do well; 2) what we do but could do better; and 3) what we need to do. It was nice to see how short the ‘need to do list’ was, and it was great reinforcement of what we are doing well. I am always pleased with the quality and professionalism of AAFP.”

“AAFP clearly demonstrates their absolute commitment to appropriate feline handling techniques through the thorough, organized and innovative Certificate Program. Additionally, a baseline requirement of feline-specific knowledge is expected to ensure competent veterinary care. Inherent in this training is the very important ability to recognize when referral to specialists is indicated. Thank you AAFP for your commitment to creating tools to ensure excellent feline veterinary care!”

“This certificate program is an excellent way to onboard new team members into cat friendly practices, and to enhance any veterinarian's cat expertise!”

"If you are a feline only practitioner, the certificate is a way to judge and confirm your knowledge and methods to address handling and basic knowledge of feline medicines most common diseases.”

“If you are not a feline only practitioner and desire to do a great job with cat patients, you will learn a lot of value to make your practice life more rewarding with the feline aspect of your work.”

“Cats are not inherently mean. They simply require finesse."

"The course was an excellent review on information I have been teaching in my Kittengarten classes. Having it broken down into categories was great as it made me think of different educational blogs I will update.”

“The format was easy to follow along with, and the course didn’t take long to complete. It would be great to have as a mandatory pre-hire review for new staff."

“Quality feline CE that is long overdue! Content is applicable to real in-hospital scenarios and is clearly delivered in a concise manner. A great adjunct to the International Society of Feline Medicine's certification programs. Well done!”

"I would recommend this certificate program to anyone that’s interested in being an advocate of feline health. This course coves all the fundamentals to conduct a cat friendly examination and is full of tips and pointers that are not readily thought. It’s must-take for all new grads who want to enhance their cat skills.”

“I learned some simple cat friendly techniques that can be applied in clinic and home, and improving cat wellbeing. All topics in program were awesome., especially for all of us who love cats. We all want happy cats forever. Thank you!”

“We have hired a new graduate who starts in 2 weeks. I am going to recommend this program to her as a great overview of feline handling and common issues.”

“AAFP provides relevant, up-to-date resources that help educate my staff and my clients.”

“The more things we can add to our arsenal to help our cats have better experiences at our hospitals, the better we serve our patients, our clients, and ourselves.”

“The program content is well thought out and very cat-friendly!”

“I loved the program. I learned many things that I did not know and remembered things that I had studied some time ago!”

“Very helpful information for a feline friendly veterinarian.”

“The Cat Friendly Certificate Program contains excellent refresher information, as well as new information, in a concise and easy to understand manner. The time needed for each module was just right, and I was able to complete the program in 2 quick afternoons. I will use this knowledge to help bring additional feline patients into my hospital for more routine visits.”

“The information provided in the modules will definitely help you better understand your feline patient's needs and behavior.”

“If only every person in the veterinary profession caring for our feline friends would familiarize themselves with this program.”

“The CFP program has provided us with an effective and friendly way to serve our patients, their owners have expressed their satisfaction and refer us to their friends.”

“The new way of doing clinic medicine.”

“Cats are the best friends of mankind.”

“Good program.”

"To bring more and more current techniques and practices allows the veterinarian to provide his patient with the best for his health and welfare.”

“Being a cat-friendly veterinarian is essential to every professional who wants to be differentiated.”

“For cats. For all cats!"

“This is a very helpful course and refreshed my comment to my feline patients.”

“Even after being a Cat Friendly Practice for 2 years, I still picked up some great tips. I also appreciated the refresher on cat disease topics.”

“The Cat Friendly Certificate Program provides excellent resources for improving patient care.”

“Concise updated info that everyone in the profession that deals with cats should know!”

“The certification course was an excellent review of the most up to date information on many important aspects of feline health and wellbeing.”

“Excellent information for new graduates as well as experienced - covering handling, cat care, and internal medicine.”

“Very useful and concise information for those that care for cats.”

“A great course for giving you the 'feline pep talk' you need to continue providing high quality medical care for the cats seen at the veterinary clinic.”

“I enjoyed the tips to share with clients about helping decrease stress before even leaving the house for vet visits, and helping reduce stress in multi-cat households. I liked the tips for cage set-up and the idea of providing comfort calming towels in wait area.”

“Taking the Cat Friendly Veterinarian certificate will help you realize the little things you have forgotten that can make the cat visit better for the cat and for you.”

“I learned a lot about the cat-friendly clinic, and how to be a better cat vet.”

“I got a lot of tips for the daily practice.”

“I think this course would benefit the feline savvy and newbies and fearful ones, maybe make it less stress for all.”

“I think this is very important to certificate. The people will have a much better place for the feline attention.”

“Important information is not in front of you but is at your feet.”

“The Cat Friendly Certificate Program is essential to offer a good experience to feline patients. To be certified in this Program enables me to be more confident in my practice in order to turn the cat’s visits to the clinic a pleasant experience.  “

“The certificate program has changed the way of interacting with patients and owners in a positive way, improving clinical and commercial results, thank you!”

“Every pet we see has individual needs and personalities. The information in the cat friendly course helps me train my staff to treat cats as individuals and not as small dogs.”

“Cat Friendly is a lifestyle; you have to live and breathe it. Caring for a kind and satisfactory service for the cat and his family, where everyone is satisfied, makes the veterinarian very happy and surely the cat will return more often. But it is important to consider that all this must be done correctly and seriously, through the training offered by AAFP.”

“The program gives you important basic issues about feline patients.”

“I think that all vets of the world should know More of feline practices. Cats need us like Specialist to do our work being the best we can. Cats deserve the best of all of us!”