American Association of Feline Practitioners

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Member Report

Our members are the bedrock of our association. With a focus on providing exceptional value to our diverse membership, 2019 was a busy year for our dedicated staff and volunteers. This report showcases the breadth of our work and summarizes the activities, programs, and advancements made, as well as what is on the horizon for the American Association of Feline Practitioners. It is organized by our strategic goals, all of which have been met or are underway.

Strategic Goals:

  • Veterinary Professionals Utilize the AAFP to Access Resources and Education
  • Members are Strongly Connected to and Engaged with AAFP
  • AAFP is Successful in Educating Cat Caregivers on the Value of Cats and Feline Care
  • AAFP has Strong Relationships with Industry and Organizational Partners

This report highlights our initiatives by the strength, growth, and transformation that was apparent in 2019 throughout the execution of our strategic goals as we dedicated our time and talent to serving the veterinary community. Highlights: We developed a Feline Diabetes Educational Toolkit and launched a new eLearning Center for webinars and continuing education, new Feline Zoonoses Guidelines, updated many position statements, provided scholarships to support education, and held an exceptional annual conference on comorbidities.

While 2018 laid the foundation for new strategic goals, during the last year the vision set forth by the board of directors and leadership was put into motion. We were intentional in our use of technology to reach our core audiences – veterinary professionals, members, cat caregivers, and industry partners – and we remain committed to providing the latest feline-focused research and resources in the content we developed for them. Our committed volunteers were essential in this transformation and we could not have done it without the strength of their expertise. We are proud of the many committees, task forces, and councils they spearhead. Our strategic partnerships also helped us to elevate the quality of this content and expand its reach.

Additionally, we are well underway in developing the Cat Friendly Veterinary Certificate Program and our new Virtual eConference. We moved forward with our Latin America expansion plans for Cat Friendly Practice® with translation of materials and positioning the program for success with our South American partners. What’s more, our analytics showed significant growth on our social media platforms, increased website traffic, and enhanced press coverage through a new media intelligence platform.

As we focus on our strategic objectives, we are dedicated to enhancing, building, and providing feline content and resources to our members and the veterinary community. We are focused on our goals where members are strongly connected to and engaged with the AAFP, and veterinary professionals utilize the AAFP to access resources and education.

Our new Executive Board represents an exciting mix of experience and innovation. With our volunteers, staff, resources, and technology in our arsenal, we are thrilled to lead the advancement of the health and welfare for all cats. 

We’re excited about the future of feline care and are proud to call you members.